Call of Duty: Mobile’s Microtransactions Analyzed Could Be Worse

by Dr.Twister
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Call of Duty Mobile had a strong start, and new estimates from a mobile tracking firm show its momentum has slowed but it’s still doing very well for itself. Sensor Tower says that in its first two months, it has hit more than 172 million downloads and generated almost $87 million in global player spending.

This represents a slowdown from its explosive launch, which hit 100 million in the first week alone, and about 148 million in its first month. This means it got about an additional 20 million downloads in November. November also added another $31 million in revenue. Sensor Tower says this is as compared to $55 million in October, which suggests that the decline in new downloads hasn’t led to a proportional slowdown in revenue.

The tracker also broke down some of the numbers further. The game is most popular in the US, where it has gotten about 17% of total worldwide downloads. That’s followed by India (10%) and Brazil (7%). The US is also home to most of the revenue generated (42%), followed by Japan (13%) and Great Britain (3%). The App Store also accounted for the lion’s share of revenue (59%) compared to Google Play ($41%).

Apple recently announced its most downloaded iPhone games of 2019, and surprisingly it wasn’t Call of Duty Mobile. Instead, it was Nintendo’s own Mario Kart Tour. Call of Duty did make the top five, however.

“Beyond its messy microtransaction menus and the slight time-saving purchases, there’s not much else in Call of Duty Mobile that detracts from its faithful recreation of the exhilarating and fast-paced multiplayer action of the core series,” Alessandro Barbosa wrote in GameSpot’s Call of Duty Mobile review. “It’s flexible and easy-to-use control scheme mitigates the lack of controller support, and its celebration of the best modes and maps the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series have produced makes it a pleasure to line up game after game.”

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