There Is Only One Thing Changing On The ‘Fortnite’ Chapter 2 Map

by Dr.Twister
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I have taken to calling this the Fortnite Season of Silence, as after the blockbuster destruction of the first map and the arrival of the new, Chapter 2 map, this has been a truly bizarre season with little communication from Epic and now a bloated runtime that is extending it all the way into February.

One significant thing that has accompanied most Fortnite seasons, some sort of interesting map mystery, has been entirely absent in Chapter 2. Presumably the idea was to have players just explore and get to know the map before it started changing around, getting people guessing at what comes next, and yet finally at long last, that is starting to change. At least a little bit.

There is one zone that is starting to become an active site on the new map. It’s an old favorite, the reprised version of the Risky Reels drive-in movie theater which is currently located next to Frenzy Farm, which is in no way just a new Anarchy Acres.

Risky is not labeled on the map, but it exists as a landmark. Now, if you visit the area, you can see that trucks are packing up the cars and RVs that were sitting there, and bringing bulldozers in to do…something.

First of all, I find it kind of funny to realize that these cars aren’t meant to be people sitting there actually watching a drive-in movie. In the people-free Fortnite island, these are apparently just abandoned cars that can all just be loaded onto trucks and hauled away.

So, what’s actually happening here? Fortnite has been testing a few things in Risky Reels for weeks now, playing videos and I believe livestreams on the screen there. And I have a theory about what’s going on.

We know that Fortnite is going to have some sort of presence at The Game Awards, and I believe that we may see The Game Awards quite literally have a presence inside Fortnite. My theory is that The Game Awards are going to be livestreamed in Fortnite so players can watch them on the screen there.

This area will be rebuilt into some sort of stadium-ish viewing zone, and players will be able to log in, probably to some sort of special, kill-free playlist, and be able to watch The Game Awards on the screen there. Sounds goofy, perhaps, but this is 2019 and Fortnite isn’t just a game, it’s pretty much a social network, so I would not rule out this happening. You’d have to overcome some hurdles like dozens of hyperactive players jumping around or people building in front of the screen, but I’m sure they could figure it out. Picture the Marshmello concert except it’s…a three hour livestream.

It may not be the “best” way to watch The Game Awards, but I can see them doing it just to show that they can, and it would be a solid bit of cross-promotion for both parties. Again, this is just a theory, but if I had to put money on it, this is what I think is probably happening. The Game Awards air in just under a week on December 12, so we’ll see what happens here before then. Keep an eye on it.

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