Legends of Runeterra: How Riot’s New Game Expands the League of Legends

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Riot Games has just announced the creation of Riot Forge, a new publishing group working with third-party developers. Creating games inside the League of Legends universe and world of Runeterra, Forge will work to build new game experiences set outside Summoner s Rift.

We are always looking for new ways to bring the World of Runeterra and its champions to new and existing audiences around the world, said Greg Street, VP of IP and Entertainment at Riot Games in a press release. There are so many talented game studios around the world that have exceptional experience and craft skills in all areas of game development, and we are really excited to work together to bring the LoL IP to new game experiences.

During the -year anniversary stream for League of Legends, Riot announced a multitude of new games being developed inside the company like a hero shooter, fighting game and collectible card game. Forge will work on it s own projects with the resources of Riot Games as well as assist in the development of those internal projects. With these future projects, Riot is finally working towards giving meaning to the s in Riot Games.

There are multiple titles in development at Riot Forge that will be complimenting the other new titles at Riot Games. Though information on what Forge will actually create is scarce, there s still enough of a spark to get League fans excited about the possibilities.

The concept art revealed alongside the Forge announcement shows areas of Runeterra taken in new polygonal directions. There s the crusty town of Bilgewater, a cell-shared Piltover, a picturesque Frejlord and a Zaun straight out of Cyberpunk . How these worlds will expand alongside the stories of champions remains to be seen. Will we help the poros as Braum or slink through the sewers as Twitch? The best part about Runeterra is that there is still so much yet to be explored we don t even know why the champions are fighting on Summoner s Rift in the first place.

Like the games announced during the -year anniversary stream, it s unclear when any of these games will be released to the public. It could take years to see what is coming next from these teams or even what companies Riot Games has partnered with. All fans can do is wait for an announcement and wait again to play something new. The CCG, Legends of Runeterra, has already had multiple testing patches released to the public and from playing that it s clear Riot Games is committed to expanding outside.

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