Steam Will Let You Play Local Multiplayer Games Online With ‘Remote Play Together’

by Dr.Twister
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Valve have another freshly brewed Beta available for the Steam Client that was released yesterday ready for more testing.

For Linux gamers, this Beta brings with it some upgrades to the Linux Steam Runtime and the Linux Steam Runtime Container with “improved graphics drivers diagnostics”. Don’t know what we mean by Container? Recently Steam gained a new feature to enable you to run Linux games inside a special Linux Runtime Container. I have some high hopes that this container feature will reduce further any QA testing issues game developers have when deploying for Linux.

Remote Play Together also got a number of improvements. When hosting on Linux or Windows, it will now automatically start a Steam Voice Chat with invited players, all players in the session are visible to each other so you can adjust mic volumes too. It will now also update all players’ Steam status, to actually show they are playing a game together in the Friends list. Additionally, Valve fixed the host of the Remote Play Together session not being able to adjust the last player’s input settings, there’s more space for players to fit in the vertical scrolling area and game volume and fullscreen/windowed preferences are remembered across sessions for the client.

Good to see plenty of upgrades to Remote Play Together, while it works it does still feel quite raw.

For the Library view, you can now create shelves for shared libraries and duplicated game activity items should no longer happen. If you’ve enabled Low Bandwidth or Low Performance, screenshot slideshow in app hovers should be disabled now too.

Want to try the Steam Client Beta? You can opt in/out at any time. Simply go into Steam -> Settings and it’s an option on the initial Account page.

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